Now You Can Gather With The Most Inspiring Coaches, Healers, and Speakers Sharing Their Best Secrets To Give You The Energy, Enthusiasm, & Proven Strategies Working Right Now For Getting Started And Growing In Coaching Fast…

October 24-26, 2019
San Diego, California

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You are cordially invited to join me and hundreds of other coaches from around the world at CoachCon: The Annual Industry Event for Coaches, Consultants, And Healers That Want To Increase Their Reach, Impact And Income… A new 3-day live training event that will turn you into a client-getting machine, AND plug you into the most valuable network for coaches in the world.

At this premier event you will…

  • Discover what’s new, hot, and actually working right now in the coaching industry
  • Walk away with actionable plug-and-play strategies to ignite your business and take your mission to the next level
  • Hear from top coaches from around the world who will openly share their latest strategies, ideas, insights, and top secrets
  • Experience world-class networking with people from around the globe, connect with leaders in the industry, and establish life-changing strategic partnerships

I’m Doing This As My Big Give-Back To The Coaching Industry

Running a multi-million dollar coaching business, being a best-selling author and a full-time father certainly takes some focus and time…

… but the 20th anniversary of my coaching business is here so I decided to take time out to give back to the coaching community in the best possible way.

CoachCon™ will plug you into the most valuable coaching network in the world, and you will walk away with coaching and client-getting secrets most coaches will never have access to.

From $195 per month to $100,000 per day…

No matter your level of experience, you can start signing up clients for a minimum of $5,000 to $100,000 or more.

I know this is 100% true because things weren’t always as easy for me as they are now.

Before coaching, I was in a job I hated. And before that I grew up on welfare and food stamps.

When I started coaching, I struggled.

I only charged $195/month for any clients I got, and I remember working 60-70 hour weeks just to find them.

I fell behind on my mortgage every couple of months, could barely keep up with my car payments, and I used gift cards to eat because I was so short on money.

It was really frustrating.

I remember at one point taking the garbage out and thinking, “Maybe I should just throw in the towel, give up and get a regular job. Maybe just get a job as a garbage man where I don’t have to think so hard and I could have a steady paycheck.”

But my love of coaching and my desire to help people was so strong that I stuck with it.

Finally, after years of trial and error, I cracked the code on how to get clients consistently and created the exact coaching systems, strategies, and network that have allowed me to do the following…

  • Help my first 5 serious clients to grow their business to over $100,000 a year within eighteen months. And one of them did it within 72 days.
  • Help tens of thousands of coaches get clients and generate an incredible living doing what they love – coaching!
  • Build my business to over $5 Million a year.
  • Become one of the highest paid coaches in the world.

And last year, I won the “Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies In America Award” for the 4th year in a row.

To make a long story short, at CoachCon, I’m taking all of my experience, my very important high-value personal connections, and my entire roadmap for success in coaching and giving you complete open access to everything.

The Most Cutting Edge Coach Training And Coaching Techniques

I want to speed up the entire process of ultimate coaching success for you, so you can start seeing incredible results faster than you ever dreamed possible AND get what you deserve from this incredible career choice.


If your answers to any or all of the 3 questions below are “YES” CoachCon is for you:

#1: Do you have a coaching, consulting, or healing business of any kind (or would you like to have one)?

#2: Instead of getting paid hundreds of dollars per client, do you want to start earning tens of thousands per client?

#3: Do you want to help people in the best way possible?


At CoachCon, you will walk away…

  • With a brand new arsenal of the biggest and best strategies and systems in the coaching industry today to help elevate your business and enrich yours and your clients’ lives.
  • Inspired by the wisdom and words of some of the top earning and influencing coaches in the world, with direct insight into their mindsets and methods.
  • Networked and connected with leaders and legends in the industry, and forging new relationships with potential business partners.
  • Confident and qualified enough to charge 10x the amount you charge now.

CoachCon™ = 3 Days Of Total Coaching Immersion

Here’s What To Expect…

CoachCon™ is an incredible 3-day event that takes place October 24-26, 2019.

We’re going to give you the tools, strategies, and environment to walk into any room and know for certain everyone there would hire you if you made an offer.

There will be breakout sessions, a coaching award show and an incredible coaching starter pack containing coaching forms, resources, and much more.

We’ll Have Expert Guests Sharing Knowledge That’ll Elevate Your Coaching Business

Listen to other business experts reveal their secrets to generating $10 million, $100 million and more! You’ll get to listen to other savvy business owners and entrepreneurs who have already blazed the path for business success. I’m inviting the best of the best to CoachCon™ who are in the trenches every day.

They’ll reveal their most powerful strategies, so you can implement them in your coaching business.

“Automated Audiobook Income: Attract An Endless Stream Of Dream Clients While Being Paid Royalties Over $100K From Your Audiobooks” with Dr. Aziz


  • How To Create A High Quality Audiobook That Sells For Years
  • How To Easily Get Your Book Recorded And Up On Audible
  • How To Get Hundreds Of Real 5 Star Reviews And Create Raving Fans
  • How To Use Your Audiobook To Attract A Continual Stream Of Your Ideal Clients
  • Generate Hundreds Of Thousands In Truly Passive Income!

“How To Use Online Challenges To Attract High-Paying Clients” with Alina Vincent


  • A simple, free and easy marketing method to attract clients with ease
  • How to use social media to build a huge client base
  • How to cut through the noise and clutter on Facebook and establish your authority in your niche
  • Boost your exposure and fill your coaching programs – no paid ads or sales-y promo required

“How To Ignite Your Referral Business and Master The Conversational Coaching Model” with Joe Stumpf


  • Four ways to spark referrals so you’ll never have to worry about where you’ll get your next client
  • The “secret sauce” top coaches use to make sure they always have all the clients they want
  • How to get your clients rapid results so they’ll hire you again and again and refer others
  • The 3 “secret” skills that’ll get your clients rapid results which will transform them into your raving fans
  • The model that will boost the value of your coaching exponentially in your client’s eyes and stimulate more repeat business and referrals

“Bestseller Secrets: 6 Ways To Write & Publish A Great Book That Generates Nonstop Clients” with Hay House, CEO, Reid Tracy


  • How to pick the topic and title of your book
  • How to decide between self-publishing and traditional publishing
  • How to land a great book deal
  • The hottest ways to get your book to sell in today’s market

“How To Make Big Money Coaching Starving Artists” with Tiamo De Vettori


  • How to get big investments from people most think won’t pay or can’t pay
  • How to find out if a niche market you’re passionate about is really viable
  • How to blow up your own money story to attract high paying clients from challenging niches
  • What clients really want from a coach and how to give it to them

“High Powered Coaching: How to Coach From a Framework of Absolute Certainty of Outcome (no matter how big the dream or how dire the situation)” With Michelle Humphrey


  • How to help clients believe in themselves and their dreams at the highest levels
  • How to dissolve doubts and fears quickly and easily
  • How to attract and achieve more in your life and help your clients do the same

“How To Get Clients With Podcasts” with Steve Olsher


  • Why the time is now to leverage the power of podcasts
  • How to gain massive visibility using podcasts, plus Steve’s exact monetization strategy for turning that visibility into big money
  • How to stand out as a highly sought-after coach in your niche by appearing as a guest podcasts
  • The BIG advantages of being a guest on other people’s podcasts (this means you don’t necessarily have to start your own podcast)
  • Why you don’t need to be famous to appear on podcasts ( discover why being famous can in many ways work against you)

“Unleash Limitless Energy Now” with Happy Jack


  • How to wake up each morning with relentless energy and passion to crush your day
  • How to enjoy impeccable sleep at night while rocking your business and living a fulfilled life
  • How to instantaneously eliminate overwhelm, lack of focus, indecision, lethargy and worry from your life forever

1-Day Rapid Coaching Academy Training and Certification Program

Register now and you will get to come to the 1-day Rapid Coaching Academy training and certification the day before CoachCon.

This is your chance to work with me and my team to help you…

  • Master the “5 Step Client Breakthrough System” to help clients get results fast (I’ve been using this system for the past 20 years)
  • Get access to the “First 5 Sessions”, which are outlines to guide you in coaching your clients to achieve all the major goals they have (in every major niche market)
  • Know for certain that your coaching is worth the high fees ($1000’s per month) your new clients will be paying you
  • And much, much more…

*NOTE: This is a fast action bonus and won’t be available at same price once you leave this page.

VALUE: $2,000.00

Get A Special Coaching Starter Pack
(coaching forms and resources, coaching questions)

When you arrive at CoachCon™, one of the special bonuses you’ll receive is a Coaching Starter Pack.

This packages includes coaching forms and resources to help you sign up clients faster and easier.

And it includes the exact same resources I use to run my business, so I have 100% confidence that they will help you do incredible things in your business.

Go ahead and finalize your registration now,
and I’ll see you there!


Get special upgrades and a more exclusive experience when you go VIP! 

Here’s what you get as a VIP:

  • Get In Before Everybody Else Does.
    As a VIP, you gain early entrance each morning to the event room. Get the pick of the best seat in the house and settle in before the event begins. (This is also a great time to network with other VIPs sitting front row.)
  • Private Pre-Event VIP Mixer.
    The night before we kick off the event, I’m hosting a private pre-event mixer for VIPs only. Come along and rub shoulders with my influential clients and other VIPs, snag a photo op with me, connect with new business partners or potential clients, and more.
  • Exclusive Gourmet Lunches.
    Skip the long lines at the hotel restaurant and let us feed you all three days of the event. You’ll get to eat alongside other VIPs, our special guest experts, and make more connections to grow your business.
  • Special VIP Seating.
    On top of being first to get in, when you go VIP you also get access to the designated VIP seating section. Get close to the action, experience deeper breakthroughs, and a better chance of interacting with Christian 1-1.

Due to the space in the event room, there are only a limited number of VIP upgrades available. To go VIP, simply click the “GO VIP” button below and cover the $797 upgraded ticket. My team will take care of the rest and set everything up for you.

Become a VIP and be one of the few to enjoy all of the additional bonuses, perks and exclusive upgrades!

Your Unfair Advantage Is Right Around The Corner…

If you want to get and maintain an incredible winning edge as a coach, you’ll want to experience everything CoachCon has to offer.

Remember, at CoachCon you’re going to get plugged in to the most incredible coaching network on the planet.

You’ll meet professionals who’ll share their best secrets with you, and you get to connect with me and discover how a successful coaching business is run from the ground up.

If you want to master the art and science of getting clients and build a thriving coaching business – claim your ticket now.

This offer will end once the space we’ve reserved for this life-changing opportunity is gone.

Come out and celebrate the 20th anniversary of my coaching business as I give you all the secrets to creating and maintaining a coaching empire.

Big Love,

“Due to the exclusive nature of this live training, there are no refunds or cancellations for this event.”