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I Signed Up My First Client For $40,000 for 6 Months!

I used to manage a very large construction company with 70 employees and had everything money could buy. I had the big house, the country club membership, the boat and everything I could ever want. The problem was I wasn’t happy at all.

I found Christian online and decided to invest in Big Money Business Coach. I completed it in 30 days after working all day at my job and spending the evenings with my kids. Flash forward a month later and I decided to quit my job and fully commit to implementing what I discovered in Big Money Business Coach. I followed Christian’s blueprint and I’m happy to say I signed up my first client for $40,000 for 6 months of coaching!

Thanks Christian!

~Donnie Murrell

“Yes, I’m Ready To Get Trained, Get Certified, And Get Clients.”

The Big Money Guarantee

I’m so committed to seeing you get lots of high-paying clients that if you study the training, do the coursework, and implement my system and you don’t get clients, we’ll give you the extra support you need.

If you still don’t get clients, I don’t deserve your money and will happily give you a refund during the 90 day guarantee period.

$48,000 Per Client At 22 Years Old!

Your program was actually the first investment I ever made in my business, and I had probaby $500 to my name at the time… but I signed up for your program right then and there…

Now, after going through your program and attending your live event, I charge a minimum of $48,000 per client, and I’m making well over 6 figures per year. I’d say I’m doing pretty well.

~Genevieve Rackham

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