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Big Money Business Coach™ + Resources INCLUDED
6 Live “Get Clients” Group Coaching Calls With Me Personally INCLUDED
Big Money Business Coach™ Level II INCLUDED
Free Your Time, Free Your Life: The Time Abundance Program INCLUDED
Client Attraction And Money Making Mastery (The Business Coach Edition) INCLUDED
2 Tuition Waivers To My 4-Day Live Event: Business Growth Mastery INCLUDED
Group Coaching Goldmine INCLUDED
Free Sessions That Sell: The Client Sign-Up System INCLUDED
“Pick Your Bonus” Programs Available From Coaching Success University¬† VALUE
Rapid Coaching Academy $2,000.00
Parenting Coach Academy $2,000.00
Weight Loss Coach Academy $1,000.00
Relationship Coach Academy $1,000.00
Client Attraction And Money Making Mastery $5,000.00
High End Sign Up Sessions $1,000.00
Business Plan Toolkit $1,000.00
Client Rush Cash Machine $1,000.00
Discover Your Perfect Niche $1,000.00
Client Retention Secrets $1,000.00
The Secrets Of Six Figure Coaches $1,000.00
Get High End Clients $1,000.00
Coaching Quick-Start Kit $1,000.00
Highly Persuasive $5,000.00
Dreams To Destiny $1,000.00
Deep Impact $1,000.00
Enemies To Allies $1,000.00
Confident Coach $1,000.00
More Money $2,000.00
Your Dream Life Now $1,000.00
Instant Miracle™ Abundance Program $2,000.00
High Profit JV Partnerships $2,000.00
Big List $2,000.00
Make Your Programs Make You Millions $1,000.00
Get Clients From Deal Sites $1,000.00
Group Coaching Gold Mine $1,000.00
Website Money Machine $1,000.00
Marketing Materials Masterclass $1,000.00
Get Your First Million $5,000.00
Best-Selling Book In Less Than A Day $1,000.00
Make A Difference Marketing $1,000.00
Money Making Email Strategies $1,000.00
Clients, Cash, Contribution & Collaboration $5,000.00
Get Clients & JV Partners At Live Events $1,000.00
Mastermind Millions $5,000.00
Webinar Money Machine $5,000.00
Coaching Business Empire $10,000.00