Live Coaching Call: Become a Big Money Business Coach™

When: Thursday, August 23, 2018
Time: 4pm PT | 7pm ET | Midnight London |
9am Australia (AEST) (one day ahead)

During this live, open coaching call, I will work with you to…

  • Position yourself as a top business coach (no matter how much experience you have)
  • Identify the hottest niche markets for business coaches
  • Discover why business owners really hire coaches (aside from the obvious “to grow their business”)
  • Gain incredible confidence in your ability to help business owners and get paid big coaching fees
  • Plus on this special call, I’ll be revealing all of the details of the “Big Money Business Coach” program (including special pricing and bonuses available only on this call)

I’ll also be on the line taking pretty much any question you have about getting more clients and coaching business owners.

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